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Ultra Fox by Hentaibee

What can I say about Hentaibee? Well, he's a very good friend! He actually started to follow me very early in the start of my career, but somehow stayed for a long time under my radar. It all started as a regular follower, but little by little I started to notice him more and saw that he became a really loyal fan. His replies to my tweets, personal request by email, ... So, I wanted to know the person behind the name more and our contact became better and better. I started to follow his artwork, and although sometimes too extreme for my taste, it still kinda intrigued me. Due to my love for artwork, one day I just asked straight if he would be able to create something about me. And that's what this page is all about. (16 October 2018)

Here you will find all the public artwork that Hentaibee creates for me under the alter ego Ultra Fox. My members have access to an exlusive page with uncensored artwork where there's no limits on the fantasies of Ultra Fox! Ultra Fox was born on 13 June 2018.

Of course, there's a lot more artwork that Hentaibee makes and you should check it out!

Follow for daily posts on Twitter and Instagram. Support this amazing artist by checking his Blog or even better, join his Website or Onlyfans.

MY MEMBERS CAN CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO GO TO THE UNCENSORED PAGE or you can find the page in the Members Only section. There are also a few samples on the FanArt Magic page in the Galleries Menu, or just simply click Here.

Various July 2021

Various July 2021

Various June 2021

Various May 2021

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Various February 2021

Various January 2021

Various December 2020

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Various September 2020

Various August 2020

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Various June 2020

Tunnel Vision June 2020


Various May 2020

Various April 2020

Various March 2020

Various February 2020

Testing 123 January 2020


Various January 2020

Various December 2019

Various November 2019

Various October 2019

Walk the Walk September 2019


Various September 2019

Various August 2019

Various July 2019

Various June 2019

Super Dolly May 2019


Various May 2019

Various April 2019

Various March 2019

Various February 2019

Various January 2019

Bouncing Boobs for Xmas December 2018


Christmas December 2018

Floating in Space December 2018


Various December 2018

Dolly Fox and Cristina Fox November 2018

Various November 2018

Various October 2018

Desktop Dancing September 2018

Various September 2018

Various August 2018

Various July 2018

Various June 2018

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